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Skip The Drive Delivery Right To Your Door

If you have the privilege of living in the Salmon Arms area, you can also experience the privilege of having food and alcohol delivered right to your door. That's right. You can order from local restaurants, pubs and liquor stores and have your purchases conveniently delivered to your front door. You will never have to leave your home to be able to enjoy take-out foods or liquor again.

We all know that life can be busy and we can be tired from a hectic day. Knowing that you can order out and have whatever you order delivered to you is awesome. You can enjoy any meal from your favorite restaurant, fast food location or pub without ever having to drive to pick it up. You can come home, get into your pajamas and order your dinner to be delivered. It's the perfect way to feed your family without having to drive to pick it up.

When you notice that you are out of your favorite liquor, simply call the liquor store, place your order and Skip The Drive will deliver it to you. We hope that everyone can spend more time with their family as well as enjoy all of the foods and beverages that they want without having to go and pick it up themselves. This is going to change your life. You can use the service when you have guests and you'll never have to excuse yourself to run out and pick up what you need.

Our goal is to help people to have what they need and to be safe. If you're at home and run out of your favorite liquor, we will deliver it to you. This is great, especially if you have already had a drink or two and you don't need to drive. Our delivery service will help keep you and everyone else on the roads safe.

You can also take advantage of Tipsy, which is also a part of Skip The Drive. Tipsy will provide you with a ride home if you have been out on the town enjoying adult beverages. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and we want to be able to help everyone stay safe. One simple phone call is all it takes to make arrangements for you to get home safely after a few drinks. You won't have to worry about having an accident or having to deal with law enforcement. We are here to help you stay responsible and safe.

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